Dear Precinct 2 Voters,

I am running for Travis County Commissioner because I believe that we need a fresh perspective and new ideas to deal with the problems our rapidly growing county faces today, from transportation, water, and wildfire, to the growing number of our residents living in poverty and of our working poor struggling to provide a stable life for their families.

Travis County has changed a great deal over the past 20 years, and we have had a remarkable period of growth both in our economy and in our population. These trends are not likely to change anytime soon. Neither are other trends such as the longer and more frustrating commutes, the prolonged drought we have been experiencing, or the continued loss of middle-class jobs.

We can no longer afford to indulge in unproductive debates mired in the past. Our transportation infrastructure needs wholesale improvement now. The threats of wildfire and our lack of water must be addressed immediately. We need to bring blue-collar jobs to Travis County now so our working families can provide a stable home for their children to learn and thrive instead of having to move and pull their kids from school every six months because they can’t make rent.

We need leadership that is connected to all segments of our County and does not exclude anyone. We need leadership that can build bridges with all sectors of our community and bring them together to help identify and solve our most pressing problems. We need pragmatic leadership that will build trust and work hand in hand with Austin’s City Council, other municipal bodies, and with our neighboring counties to develop well thought out regional solutions to our immediate and long term transportation needs, our growing shortage of water, and to potentially devastating wildfires.

This is my first campaign for public office. I am not a lobbyist or a career politician, but I am a long-time community activist, business owner, and attorney with a passion for tackling difficult problems in order to help people. I am dedicated to doing just that in Travis County through positive leadership and respectful consensus building.

As your county commissioner, I will focus on efficiently managing our limited natural resources, effectively planning for our transportation needs, making education a top priority, promoting blue-collar and manufacturing jobs, and striving to promote a high quality of life for all Travis County residents.

I look forward to earning your vote in the Democratic Primary on March 4th.

Richard Jung